Since early 2010, this collaboration in between the two world renowned icons have been an anticipated making and a big question mark as to when the awaited release is arriving. Representing Wall RecordingsAfrojack and Steve Aoki are, jointed, at last firing away the fluctating No Beef that, despite its long-time presence in the industry, is well on its way of becoming a banger. The Dutchman whom just recently made his premiere appearance at Sensation White is bringing the peerless single to the halls of his very own imprint, coming on the heels of Prutataaa and Selecta among others. With the Los Angeles-based Aoki and a sensitive vocal from Miss Palmer on board, No Beef is now out!

Afrojack & Steve Aoki feat. Miss Palmer – No Beef [Wall Recordings] – Beatport Link


4 Comments to “Release: Afrojack & Steve Aoki feat. Miss Palmer – No Beef (Vocal Mix) [Wall]”

  • I would say : FINALLY !

    But this is so ”old” that I miss now the real Afrojack, the one who made great songs …

  • Den är FÖR bra, så bra att man tröttnar lite på den efter att man har lyssnat på den några gånger

  • So fcking good!!!! Aforjack is still king

  • |を彼は訪問しなければならないその後その後技術最新のホットな最新ので更新するたいいくつかのいずれかであれば見に行くこのサイト Afrojack & Steve Aoki feat. Miss Palmer – No Beef [Wall] | Beat My Day – It’s all about the house music! と日付までで日常。

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