From the feature on the Cr2 Winter Sampler 2010 with the peerless remix of Sax@Arena to the summerish take on This Moment, Mitomi Tokoto might just be the finest progressive-house contributor out of Japan. Well-known for his stirring piano offerings, the Asian is brought back aboard Cr2 Records for a remix on the London-based record label’s most eminent anthem of 2011 – Don’t Be Afraid. Fronted by one of this year’s probably most outstanding vocals, courtesy of none other than Ron Carroll, Don’t Be Afraid has surely been a well underestimated gem this year. Already played on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection, this Summer smash that is signed MYNC and Dan Castro is about to propel itself further towards the very forefront of the industry, fuelled by this remix from Japan. The full package of remixes is due out on September 1st, have a listen!


3 Comments to “Preview: MYNC & Dan Castro – Don’t Be Afraid (Mitomi Tokoto Remix)”

  • Mitomi Tokoto is SO underrated. Most of the things he touches are amazing. Such a great producer.

  • Jonatan: He’s well-known in Asia and especially Japan but has apparently not yet reached stellar status in Europe or the rest of the world yet…shame that is..

  • Anton: That’s what I meant. Really love the work of this guy, he’s putting some real feeling into his mixes. Once again I can just bow for an amazing remix.

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