It has been a year and four days since this disco offering first hit the radar as ‘Home’. What first was rumoured to become a trademark for the prestigious Defected label has now shown its true graces as a representative of the traditional Strictly Rhythm. Built upon an unprecedented classic vibe of 80’s most prominent dance sounds, the now benamed Kalifornia is another enacting of the fact that disco is utterly surfacing the scene yet again after many years of absence. Norman Doray is continuing his respected and preserved outlet, including his pre-winter remix of Hide U, the massively underrated remix on One Look for Axtone as well as the most recent take – on Little Bad Girl, by putting this eagerly-awaited production back on track. It’s due out on September 6th and told to be including a remix from David Tort as well, have a listen!


5 Comments to “Live Preview: Norman Doray – Kalifornia [Strictly Rhythm]”

  • its about fucking time !! have been waiting for this track for sooo long

  • Låten gick under ”Porno” ett tag också. :P


  • what did the fat nerd at the end possibly want to tell him. please not ”can you turn it down…” lol

  • Sound like he’s saying ”don’t touch please” :D

  • A leading authority is anyone who has guessed right more than once.

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