As the renowned collaborations with highly rated artists in 2011 is still helping themselves elevate towards the top, the Dutch siblings are uncovering another montrous single. They are behind collaborations with some of 2011’s forefronters and with the just unveiled Living For The City coming up, it seems their solo careers are really starting to scamper away. Taking part of releases like Blessed (with Avicii), Grindin (with Afrojack) as well as Waiting For You (with The Shapeshifters), Shermanology can now be regarded as an essential asset to the ever rising industry. In full swing now is the forthcoming release on the trio’s homeland label, Spinnin Records, that, with a dark and outrightly supreme at its mercy, is yet another superlative hit single. Ring The Alarm is due on September 5th, have a listen!


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