As premiered live at Summerburst Festival in Sweden earlier this Summer, One Last Ride has now been given an exclusive first play in Tiësto’s Club Life. From 2006’s throbbing Blink anthem to the forthcoming You’re In My Heart, John Dahlback has most certainly worked his way into the self-evident headliner position he’s currently got. Although his reputation streches itself all across the globe and throughout electronic dance music, he’s still not getting the stupendous acclamation this brilliant Swede has proven himself worthy of by producing hit singles like Flirt and Overdose as well as remixes of Skylar Grey’s Invisible and Right There by Nicole Scherzinger. Having a ton of aces up his sleeve, Dahlback combines his skillful sound production with the unique voice of Erik Hassle for the sweet and sensitive One Last Ride that is set for release September 12th on Mutants Records and Big Beat Records, have a listen!

RIP from Tiësto’s Club Life

John Dahlback playing the track live at Summerburst Festival with Erik Hassle on live vocals


4 Comments to “Preview: John Dahlback feat. Erik Hassle – One Last Ride [Mutants]”

  • Kan ju vara en av 2011 års bästa låtar? Dahlbäck levererar både kvalité och kvantitet detta året!

  • Tycker en av 2011 års bästa låtar är en ganska stor överdrift. Den är ok, men han har gjort bättre.

  • Ren magi

  • Riktigt bra!

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