He blew up from Scotland and the corners of Dumfries in 2007 with the catchy Acceptable In The 80’s, but it was 2009’s glorious I’m Not Alone that established Calvin Harris amongst producer’s within the industry and led to the starting shot of the Calvin Harris-frenzy. Not until the release of Flashback, success was a limitless fact as the result of countless plays of the Scotsman’s groundbreaking singles on every major and minor dance event across the globe which was a crucial reason to his distinction as the ”Best Dancefloor Filler” at the NME Awards in 2009. Harris’ imperial array of spectacular qualities, including a wide production knowledge as well as that sensuous voice of his, has paved the way for his eminent reputation as a major player behind the decks. Following on from 2010’s sing-along-friendly You Used To Hold Me, his essential club contender, Awooga, and the Bounce single with vocals from well-known Kelis, the Scotsman is making his third single appearance of 2011. Graced with his own, remarkably stirring voice, Feel So Close is a constant reminder of the tremendous prosperity Flashback and other previous anthems have provided for him with that rhythmically euphoria included throughout the production. Feel So Close is now out on Sony Music.

Calvin Harris – Feel So Close [Sony Music] – iTunes Link


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