He’s branded himself as one of the most distinguished characters in the industry and rightly so. With the acclaimed Blink classic under his belt, John Dahlback has, at the age of 26, managed to successfully launch his very own record label, release countless hit singles and establish himself as a highly-respected icon among producers. New thinking knows no boundaries when it comes to the currently most underrated producer within House to date, which has been indicated in his state of the art collection of such forthcoming hits as One Last Ride, Overdose and the remix of Invisible. Also having a comprehensive shelf of top-class tracks released in 2011, including Violins Of Donau, Flirt and the remix of Right There, Dahlback continues to line up anthems and enactings of his twisted but ever so stirring signature sound as he’s finally firing away the long-awaited You’re In My Heart, featuring vocals from another underrated icon – Andy P. The package that represents one of the finest releases of Dahlback’s Mutants Records label in 2011 also comes along with a stunning remix from Promise Land – the Italian duo that since the release of their Amazing remix in early November of 2010 has literally exploded onto the scene as the two rising stars they are. Coming off graceful instalments on Dirty Dutch with Killer, Fedde Le Grand’s Flamingo imprint with the release of Endless and the recent You Found Me remix for Paradise, the Italians are delegated to give the John Dahlback anthem of 2011 a dash of their celebrated big room sound. Following on from the dainty breakdown with that extraordinary vocal is a Midas-like drum build-up that strongly approaches the slamming drop.

John Dahlback feat. Andy P – You’re In My Heart (Incl. Promise Land Remix) [Mutants Records] – Beatport Link

John Dahlback feat Andy P – You’re In My Heart
John Dahlback feat Andy P – You’re In My Heart (Promise Land Remix)


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