The Swedish wunderkind corks up another dizzying setting of sounds, built upon a melody that originates from Yiruma’s original composition from 2001 and was later taken to the global club stage by Jasper Forks in early 2010. Bursting out of Sweden’s aspiring production scene last year with the three track EP on Joia, Alesso has come to gracefully outshine highly rated House icon’s in a bare year with his distinguished offerings. Having now reached utter eminence, the young shooting-star has, thanks to his hugely supported Dynamite and Nillionaire EP on Refune, become the centre of attention with a roster that includes the remixes on Party Rock Anthem, Pressure and Save The World. Not only is he accountable for some of the hottest club-bangers of 2011 out, but has also got a full-blown sleeve of forthcoming hits like Calling with Sebastian Ingrosso and the newly unveiled take on Good Love to name a couple. With a quality control to die for at his mercy, it’s been told his interpretation of River Flows In You is releasing this Fall. Just as one thought his dazzling powerhouse of an outlet could not enhance any further, the Alesso frenzy affects 2001’s gorgeous piano composition for a dance-friendly floor filler that is certain to break new barriers for the continued rise of Alesso.


12 Comments to “Live Preview: Jasper Forks – River Flows In You (Alesso Remix)”

  • wow, this is gonna be so huge

  • wow. one word… wow!

  • The text you wrote is like a book review haha :D
    Anyways looking forward to this

  • maxx: Haha, is that a good or bad thing? :P

  • I would at least say it’s a good thing. It makes the site seem more sophisticated and that it’s very passionate about the stuff it writes about. Thumbs up!

  • Vart är originaliteten? Tycker bara det låter som en blandning av Dj Mangoo – Eurodancer och Namie Amuro – Hide and Seek …förstår inte hypen.

  • OMGGGGG! What a fuckin banger !!!!!!!

  • hur gör han det varje gång?

  • Njaaa, han kan bättre!

  • @heh

    klockrent sagt

    förstår inte hypen av Alessos senaste låt Calling då låten låter förjävla tråkig.

  • man blir ju så trött på dessa haters…
    så fort en låt blir populär så ska de skylla på ”hype”. har det inte slagit dem att låtar kan bli populära för att folk faktiskt helt enkelt bara gillar dem? låt dem som gillar dessa ”hype-låtar” som ni kallar det, njuta av dem och gå o klaga på något vettigt istället…

    respekt till alesso som endast är 20 år gammal och redan kommit en bra jävla bit. visst hype kan ge en skjuts i karriären, men i slutändan handlar det om att göra musik som tilltalar folk, och tydligen så lyckas han med det med tanke på den respons han får.

  • sounds magic !

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