Coming off the recent release of his prominent remix on Invisible, the hotly topical Swede strikes again, the force being another enacting of his inimitable signature sound. The supreme voice of Miss Connie Mitchell of Sneaky Sound System comes in handy as John Dahlback remixes the original production of Big, made by the other half of the Aussie Duo – Black Angus, into a jaw-dropping peak-timer. Jaw-dropping might just be the word for Dahlback’s unstoppable ascending lately. Although, with You’re In My Heart, Violins Of Donau and the remix of Right There under his belt, heavyweight producer from Sweden capital has success written all over him as his take on Sneaky Sound System’s follow-up to We Love is given away for free by the generous folks at Modular Recordings and awaiting to gracefully lead the official package of remixes as well. Grab your free copy of this brilliant take now!


Download also available from Modular’s website.


10 Comments to “Free Download: Sneaky Sound System – Big (John Dahlback Remix)”

  • Va? Hade lätt betalat för denna!

  • he is my absolute favorite at the moment, never disappoints!

  • Håller med Marcus!

  • Dahlbäck levererar som vanligt.

  • Asbra

  • Min absoluta favoritproducent. Kärlek. Grymt bra.

  • Folk klagar på att alla på BMD är negativa men vi ger cred till de som är duktiga och whinar på de som suger.

    Det här e bra skit.

  • Verkligen hade med nöje betalat för denna! riktigt fet

  • Vad folket vill ha, Dahlbäck ger! Riktigt bra låt!

  • Check this track out in my lastest DJ mix:

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