Getting hammered with support from the likes of heavyweight’s like Swedish House Mafia, Tiësto, David Guetta and more, the new remix from Tim Mason is at last falling into place as a strong representative of the Birmingham-based MFU Records. As he, recurringly, has exceled and outshined the most incredible of headliners with his debut release of The Moment in April, the Brighton prodigy was unearthed and signed to camp Size by Steve Angello himself in late 2010 to become Size’s rising star of 2011. Having built up an incomparable collection of progressive-house soundtracks in merely a few months, we’re yet just standing at the dawn of Tim Mason’s auspicated rise and establishment into clubland. We’re quite familiar with the Size boss’ ability of gathering only the best of tracks to fortify a solid placing in the books for Size Records and it seems Mr. Angello knew what he was doing when picking up the unknown aspirant to become one of the powerhouse’s of the label’s advancement throughout 2011. The wonder-machine that is Mason has literally been cooped up in the studio non-stop lately and is already becoming a core producer of the House scene with a yet small but prestigious discography that comprises the highly-underrated remixes on Open Your Eyes and Where Them Girls At and the above-mentioned Size smash.

Coming back from the uncovering of the yet to be released-remixes on Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Otherside and Pnau’s Solid Ground, the acclaimed Tim Mason take on Lucid’s I Can’t Help Myself is officially being released. Fronted by the clangorous trance synth leads crossing path with the gorgeous and close to cacophonic sounding vocals from Lucid as the track firmly emerges the plump drop with assistance of a well-produced drum build-up, there is no wonder this divine remix has come to glorify the live sets of the world’s most eminent DJ’s as a distinct anthem.

Lucid – I Can’t Help Myself (Tim Mason Remix) [MFU Records] – Beatport Link


10 Comments to “Release: Lucid – I Can’t Help Myself (Tim Mason Remix)”

  • Shit asså, fyfan vilken låt! Vilken jävla talang han är!

  • Imo, lots of producers since 1-2 years have missed what i think its essential for a track: the drop. This track is another great example, great melody and vocal, but then the drop just killed the track…

  • Mick: I think it also depends on which kind of speakers you’re listening on :) This track played live is rather astonishing to be honest, the drop being quite frankly the highlight of this production.

  • Yeah your right, i’m sure it sounds huge in a big system but still I think lots of track could have been better with a better drop. I’m not a big fan this one, but the rest of the track is awesome

  • For me, this song dies when the kick comes back in at 1:36. The entire build-up is great, and then all melody and vocals just goes away.

    And for me, this is the most common mistake.

  • @topic agree with you, but it’s still a great track. You need to listen it live, it kick’s your ass :D

  • Sen blir den inte sämre av Dylans(?) bootleg med NERVo – Irresistible

  • Dancemusik ännu engång, börjar bli besviken på housemusik 2011..

    Nu är dom inte långt ifrån Cascada.

  • Tim Mason was playing at a club i went to, and he played this song, which was huuuuuuge. So was the drop :D

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