The Swedish wunderkind corks up another dizzying setting of sounds, built upon a melody that originates from Yiruma’s original composition from 2001 and was later taken to the global club stage by Jasper Forks in early 2010. Bursting out of Sweden’s aspiring production scene last year with the three track EP on Joia, Alesso has come to gracefully outshine highly rated House icon’s in a bare year with his distinguished offerings. Having now reached utter eminence, the young shooting-star has, thanks to his hugely supported Dynamite and Nillionaire EP on Refune, become the centre of attention with a roster that includes the remixes on Party Rock Anthem, Pressure and Save The World. Not only is he accountable for some of the hottest club-bangers of 2011 out, but has also got a full-blown sleeve of recent hits like Calling with Sebastian Ingrosso and the newly released take on Good Love to name a couple. With a quality control to die for at his mercy, it’s been told his interpretation of River Flows In You is releasing this Fall. Just as one thought his dazzling powerhouse of an outlet could not enhance any further, the Alesso frenzy affects 2001’s gorgeous piano composition for a dance-friendly floor filler that is certain to break new barriers for the continued rise of Alesso. It’s has been rumoured to be releasing October 28th via Kontor Records, but we are still awaiting solid confirmation on that matter, have a listen!

Official preview

Alesso playing the remix live in Stockholm earlier this year


16 Comments to “Preview: Jasper Forks – River Flows In You (Alesso Remix)”

  • really nothing special on that one…

  • Quite the opposite if you ask me, living his new thinking and this is def. an example of an undiscovered territory!

  • liking*

  • Har aldrig gillar orginalet. Piano-slingan känns så sjukt mycket Hits 4 Kids eller som en dassig polyfonisk Jamba-ringsignal, nä hellre velat se detta som egen låt av Alesso. För det han har gjort är fan king!

  • Jag fattar inte, hans egna sound tar House genren till helt nya höjder!

  • Håller med Macrus. Pianopartiet och dess ofyndiga ”C Am F G”-slinga är riktigt fattigt.

  • However I want Alesso – Where’d You Go so badly, because that is a fucking BOMB

  • helvede vad den här är fet

  • Till viss del kan jag hålla med om att originalslingan är lite hits 4 kids men hans egna touch på låten gör den underbar. Ser väldigt mycke fram emot va denna killen kommer klämma ut.

  • Is October 28th the official release date?

  • => P.R.O.J.E.C.T. JeFf: It’s a rumoured date. No official date has been announced yet.

  • =/

  • is this already out….theres a copy floating around the internet right now but im not sure if its real or fake. please let me know if anyone knows anything about this

  • pete: The copy floating around is a 320 rip of the 128 sample uploaded on Youtube by the promo company. It’s yet not been officially released.

  • thanks anton…i always appreciate the prompt responses. keep killin it bro

  • Got informations about the release:
    The Remix will be released on the 2nd December via Kontor Records on their own Kontor Compilation

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