Following up last year’s launch of his own record label with the premiere release being Phazing, an insight on this year’s sequel was recently uncovered as the Aussie icon replaced Martin Solveig on the second day of Electric Zoo Festival. Kicking off the year of 2011 with the release of his take on Coming Home that was, by many, elected as 2011’s Miami anthem, Dirty South has come to gracefully flaunt throughout the year along with the releases of his immense remixes on Airsteala and Skylar Grey’s Invisible as well as letting out his and Thomas Gold’s ground-breaking challenger of the tune of this year – Alive. A taste of the Los Angeles resident’s latest offering has surfaced and from the looks of the teaser below, it seems we’ve got another masterpiece from the producer behind anthems like Open Your Heart and Let It Go on our hands. As the uplifting and utmostly dreamy vocals from Erik Hecht peerlessly enacts, the next single from Dirty South in conjunction with Those Usual Suspects is called Walking Alone and is most likely going to floor countless dance events in near future with its sweeping catchiness. As officially given an exclusive play in the Swedish House Mafia take-over of Essential Selection, Walking Alone is set to release on October 19th on Dirty South’s own Phazing Records, have a listen!


10 Comments to “Preview: Dirty South & Those Usual Suspects – Walking Alone [Phazing]”

  • This is probably the sickest track of the year, dirty south is really making an effort this year, becoming my favourite producer of 2011!

  • där e den.. tune of 2011

  • Älskar vocalsen

  • this is so good

  • Bland de sjukaste jag någonsin hört.

  • fucking insane track! LOVE IT! DS has been a hugde disappointment for some time now, but it seems like he finally got his shit together.. can’t just tour forever without producing any new good music

  • Sickest track in a looong time, so much feelings in this, so insane……

  • sinnessjuk!

  • Magiskt DS!

  • Svinsjysst artikel till en svinsjysst låt. Bra boyZz! Den här kommer bli PHET.

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