As part of the eleven track album from Holland’s proficient Sander van Doorn, Teenage Crime-producer Adrian Lux combines forces with the Flemish superstar for Eagles. Following on from the ground-breaking 2008 album, entitled ”Supernaturalistic”, the Dutchman is unleashing his second collection of anthems, also covering his previously released 2011 trademarks – Koko, Love Is Darkness and Timezone. Representing his beloved Spinnin division, the self-entitled Doorn RecordsEleve11 is now out, the US release being held by Ultra Records, and from the looks of it, is going to raise van Doorn further into the sky along with the vast recognition the album is already receiving. Featured on the closing track is none other than our very own Swedish export, wh0m is foremostly known for being the mastermind behind Boy, the remixes on BulletsSolid Ground and the forthcoming on Derezzed this year as well as 2010’s glorious hit singles on Ultra and Axtone. And closing track is surely the part for Eagles with its imperial structure that consists of the rhythmically catchy instrumentals and mysteriously thrilling vocals that are now headlining Eleve11 into stellar eminence as the album’s eleventh single.

Sander van Doorn & Adrian Lux – Eagles [Doorn Records / Ultra Records] – Beatport Link
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7 Comments to “Release: Sander van Doorn & Adrian Lux – Eagles”

  • Förstår inte riktigt varför den är 19 minuter lång…

  • @ Beijner, Sander sa på sin twitter att det fanns en gömd låt i slutet av den. Han tyckte väl det var roligt att lägga 10 minuters tystnad mellan Eagles och den.

    Tror han inte ville ge den ett eget spår då Albumet Heter Eleve11 och ska innehålla 11 låtar som är producerade år 2011.

  • Det förstör hela låten att den här tyst i 10 min, ganska onödigt..

  • Vad fan? Låten på Spotify är 19 minuter också + att vocalsen inte finns? Finns det kanske en version med vocals?

  • [...] of hit singles off the world renowned Ultra label, Adrian Lux comes on the back of the emotional Eagles together with Sander van Doorn to release a single making alongside The Good Natured. His [...]

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