Witnessing Axwell premiere it in mid August, I can safely ascertain its magnitude and worthyness of being regarded as a track of great measures. What many believed to be a remix on Arty’s follow-up to Around The World, named Kate, has, after a certain feature in Swedish House Mafia’s supreme take-over of Pete Tong’s Essential Selection on Friday, been confirmed to be a new production from Matisse & Sadko and the Russian that so gracefully has obtained a steady following from none other than Axwell. Hailing from Russia – the country that has shown stainless proofs of its high-quality exports within the industry lately – the three acknowledged producers team up for Trio, the single that clearly borrows elements from the latest single out from Arty. As the two co-producing brothers are gearing up for the anticipated release of The Legend to bring forth the duo into stardom and persist the trance-influenced tune bayou that so far have seen great support from the likes of countless highly-rated icons arriving onto the releases of Svenska and Hi Scandinavia, they team up with their fellow compatriot and Anjunabeats artist for this stupendous appearance. Arty, that truly struck clubland with the release of his remix on Punk in March, is recurringly appearing on the tracklistings of the industry’s very forefronters – a prestigious course of events that are certain to be repeated as the three most momentous producers of Russia team up for a dazzling record. It’s due out soon on Axtone Records, have a listen!

High-quality RIP

Axwell playing the track at Trädgårn in Gothenburg, Sweden for Where’s The Party? By Carlsberg


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  • Helt magisk

  • Kärlek rakt igenom!!

  • Helt sjukt bra!

  • Usch vad bra!

  • very good but too much arty i think my personal opinion was expecting something hard like hello scandanavia and got mostly arty kate :(

  • Fan va najs de är när ni klappar i takt allihop! De e fett grymt!!! NU KÖR VI göteborg!!

    Sjukt fin låt respect!!

  • magic!!!

  • Är det bara jag som tycker den är väldigt lik Champagne Showers? Framförallt i droppet.. Fast väldigt mycket bättre såklart!

  • Mäktigt att man faktiskt stod där i röran och körde.

    Grym låt!

  • Kommer bli helt otrolig

  • Tung!

  • Ingen som vet när det släpps?

  • goosebumps never lie

  • Grym låt, höstens motsvarighet på levels? Vet att det aldrig kommer att komma en låt som levels som alla verkligen älskar och hypar till men denna är snudd på den känslan som när man hörde levels för första gången i vintras.

  • Release datum?!?! Fruktansvärt jävla skön låt..

  • När fan släpps den?!

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  • Do someone know when this is being released?

  • Well it’s gonna get released on Axtone sometime next year.

    The bad news is that there’s plenty of other new songs that’s gonna get released before Trio on Axtone.

    The good news is that those songs are awesome aswell.

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