As he propels the grounds of immortality and fame, Avicii out’s a taster of another forthcoming release from the Swedish prodigy. Used frequently as a much-appreciated opener in his live sets lately, the mastermind previews his rendition out of Coldplay’s Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall. The original track, that is still on the wait for the official release of the Swedish House Mafia remix, has seen wonders done on the global charts since its release in early June of this year thanks to the distinguished voice of lead singer Chris Martin and its catchy sounds. Now getting the prestigious Avicii treatment, the pop-rock foursome from London riddles their way further into electronic dance music – a path the PR representatives of global music industry tend to be utterly fond of choosing. Following his vital break-through in early 2010 along with the release of Bromance, House heads have witnessed the compassionate and massive rise of Avicii over the past 20 months, consistently fuelled by the releases of Fade Into DarknessSunshine, Blessed and the remixes on Drowning, Rapture, Hang With Me among many others. Also housing an immense amount of forthcoming smashes, including the vocal remix of DerezzedSilhouettes and the yet to be released 2011 trademark, Levels, there seem to be no obstacles able to stop the exploding ascending Avicii in near future.

Not to be confused with ASH’s Gun single (fake-nicked as the Avicii remix of ‘Philter – Revolver’), the emotional instrumentals of the newest gem out from the Swede’s lab evoke euphoria and an instigating synth progression alongside the outstanding vocals that truly raise the desireness of an eventual release.

0:25 – Avicii – Nothing Without You (Instrumental Mix) w/ Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Acappella)
3:02 – Joe Dassin – Les Champs-Elysees
3:32 – Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Avicii ‘Tour’ Remix)
4:49 – Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Vocal Mix)


26 Comments to “Preview: Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Avicii ‘Tour’ Remix)”

  • fucking amazing

  • another great track from avicii!

    anyone know when Levels is officially released by the way?

  • haha får se vilken remix som slår hårdast då :P SHM Vs Avicii!

  • Denna kille, ”Living the dream” alltså.

    Avicii – Nothing Without You (Instrumental Mix) w/ Adele – Rolling In The Deep kommer nog gå jävligt bra i framtiden.

  • standard veckan

  • Så jävla mycket bättre än SHM’s remix, denna är sjuk! Goosebumps över hela låten.

  • Extremt dålig

  • It was so much better with the vocals from Philter – Revolver

  • Trey: As described in the post – this remix is NOT to be confused with the one people have fake-nicked the Avicii remix of Philter – Revolver, which actual name is ASH – Gun..

  • FYYY fan så TRÅKIGA låtar!

  • Fan vad mitt liv suger

  • I agree revolver vocals were better, but this is better then swedish house mafia version

  • nej usch, låter precis likadant som alltid, är så jävla trött på det här soundet. känns verkligen som han försöker vara SHM, hela sättet med videon är kopierat rakt av från Take One, det blir bara pinsamt dåligt.

  • #Alex

    Patetiskt av dig att säga att videon är kopierad rakt av från Take One. Om du inte märkt det gör de flesta stora DJs såna här typer av videos.. SHM, Avicii, Fedde Le Grand etc. Finns väl inte så mycket mer man kan göra för att visa hur deras liv är när detta är precis vad de gör?

    Det är tur att alla har olika musiksmaker, fatta hur tråkigt det annars skulle vara. De flesta uppskattar låten och tycker den är enormt mycket bättre än SHMs låt så låt bli att klaga och lägg din tråkiga energi på något annat.

  • @Joachim : bra sagt!

  • Detta är väl dock en bootleg?

  • Var skeptiskt till en början, men visst fan är den bra. dock tycker jag Gun vocalsen är betydligt mer passande:)

  • meh!?

  • Two statements.

    1. The vocals in Gun matches the beat better.
    2. SHM’s remix is a whole lot better and bigger. I mean, who can any one compare this to the first drop from SHM’s tune.

  • Where can i find the vocals in Gun?

    Im wondering who ASH is. I mean I heard some of his sound in Avicii tours and its pure class. I would love to hear more from him. Pure fucking class!

  • Anton, isn’t the track identical except for the vocals?

    I agree as well, the SHM remix is much better. Now I’m just waiting for that bomb remix of Paradise by FLG.

  • ASH is aviciis manager, and yes, this movie is too similar to Take One, with the ”punch” effects and all that shit. The remix is nice though

  • how could it be better than SHM’s remix, since its an instrumental track with an ”acapella”? lol

  • @amos : Someone should punch yooou.

  • ”the sound is shit.. but the music is worse”

  • think I like the philter revolver vocals over the beat, or whatever they’re calling it. that shit is fireeee this is just mediokes

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