Hitting the global radar in 2006, Adam Richard Wiles, also known as Calvin Harris, crossed paths with success and glory in 2009 with the release of I’m Not Alone. Followed by a row of chart-topping hits such as You Used To Hold Me and Flashback, the break-through of the Scotsman was literally an inevitable fact as the Summer anthems are still strongly flooring and making impact on electronic dance events across the world. Wildy on-demand from the Swedish mobsters among other top-tier DJ’s, Harris debuted his fluctuating Awooga single in early 2011 to become one of the most prominent hitmen within club music.

Now, as the progressively stirring Feel So Close is hotly climbing the charts, Wiles’ collaboration with Indianapolis-bred Kelis, named Bounce, returns to the forefront after its prosperous launch in June to hand out free copies of the vocals on behalf of the world renowned US singer with the intention of DJ’s giving their own revisions to the radio-friendly original or mashing it up anyhow you please.



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