Although he may not have a following of hundreds of thousands – talent, creativeness and industrious are three traits Tim Mason has made clubland utterly aware of being able to handle through his few but amazingly rendered chart-topping hits this year. Having April’s The Moment debut on Size Records elevating himself into one of the core aspirants Size towers and Steve Angello have come to unearth – a task the Brighton-bred producer has proven worthy of managing superbly over the past few months. And now, as the conjecture of success has become a fact in the books of electronic dance music, Mason erupts with a major follow-up, which has been an essential resource in the live sets of Size’s eminent label honcho, Steve Angello, this Summer.

As recently given an exclusive radio spin in Tiësto’s well-established Club Life show, Anima has officially come to light. Made up by an outstandingly energetic synth-tinged lead, solid kicks, trenchant bass lines and a sweepingly emotinal breakdown, the second single effort from Tim Mason is indeed evenly, if not superiorly, impressive as his ground-breaking predecessor. With an abundance of divine takes on I Can’t Help Myself, Solid Ground, Otherside, Where Them Girls At, Open Your Eyes in full swing to fuel the continued ascent of this English wunderkind, I believe we are yet merely at the beginning of getting to know the comprehensive and stellar competence Tim Mason possesses.

‘Anima’ is set for release on December 30th via Size Records.

Tim Mason – Anima

Steve Angello playing the track at the Size Matters show in Gothenburg, Sweden


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  • Denna snubbe asså… Fyfan vilken talang! Denna låt är helt störd! Shit vad bra!

  • OHHH MY GOD!!!! FInally someone can tell me what this fucking bomb was!! I haven’t heard this since Dirty South dropped this PachaNYC for the electric zoo afterparty!!! oh my god im still freaking out haha i’ve never melted so hard to a song!!!

  • yes. finally.

  • This guy is the most underestimated producer/dj in the world! Any date then this track is planned to be released?

  • Anyone know what this bomb is??

    I think I like it even better. Wow!

  • holy god this is beautiful

  • wow this sucks as hell

  • @ Trey

    Timbaland Feat. David Guetta & Pitbull – Pass At Me (Tim Mason Remix)

  • LOL @Dan comment, the song is good okay but cmon its not that extraordinary !

  • And Alex, how is Tim Mason the most underestimated dj in the world? I dont get your point, his tracks have been playing by the most famous djs and he releases tracks under Angello’s label.

  • Mick: I believe what Alex is saying is that Tim Mason as a producer and DJ should get more attention, not only his tracks.


  • Tim is a good friend of mine,i used to hang out with him in the studio in malta back in 99..a truly talented guy,finally its paying out….much respect from the heart

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