Led by the established John Dahlback and with a quality level that have no equals, Mutants Records might just be one of 2011’s most underestimated record labels. Opening up the year with Albin Myers’ stodgy Wobble, Mutants have pulled out a string of heavyweights this year – a string that includes Nause’s Made Of, which recently sold gold, Violins Of Donau, You’re In My Heart and One Last Ride. Hailing from the Mutants towers are now the Lunde Bros with another single rendering to be released through Dahlback’s prestigious record imprint, coming off their remix on Loud Noises. Entitled Saga, the pair enacts its title slickly as it constitutes fairytale-like sounds to mysteriously prepare for a drop that is made up by the lurching beats the aforementioned label are responsible for bringing forth. To be released on October 10th, the release of Saga also includes a makeover remix from Albin Myers and John Dahlback combined, making up the infamous MyBack outfit.

0:00 – Original Mix
01:35 – MyBack Makeover Remix


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  • muts015 – nice!

  • Grymt jobbat!!

  • MyBack Makeover Remix is sick!

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