Formerly unveiled in an interview with AN21 in late 2010, the collaboration in between AN21, Max Vangeli and Kim Fai, entitled Story, has been bouncing around the net ever since, in search for a proper and legit sample. And not only does the interwork look like a victorious concept on paper, but has been a peak-time regular in their live sets this Summer in a fuse with the acappella of The Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition. Joining in on the forthcoming debut album on Size Records from AN21 and Max Vangeli alongside People Of The Night, Whisper and Fresh Start among others, the rapture Story causes is giving further momentum to the already firmly stringed Size album that is told to see its outing later this year.

Grounded upon sounds of the sheerest of characters, the production, that many have believed to be another blistering take on the Australian indie rock group, can finally come to light as the long-anticipated album single with Kim Fai, whom returns to Size after the graceful release of Era / Supernova in February. Crammed with the finest of all vibrant synth leads, the emotional vibes of Story unfolds a stodgily fist-pumping feeling of euphoria, which is to fuel this single into an essential powerhouse for the forthcoming album and everything Size Records.

RIP from Sensation Innerspace in Amsterdam

AN21 playing the track at Size Matters in Gothenburg, Sweden


4 Comments to “Preview: AN21, Max Vangeli & Kim Fai – Story [Size]”

  • Definately my favorite off their new album so far! It works great in clubs too!

  • agree, have been looking for this track for a looong time now..

  • Definately my favorite off their new album so far! It works great in clubs too!

  • It’s not hard to point out their best song when the most songs is real shit.

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