As the long-anticipated Kalifornia, previously known as Home, was literally just released, Norman Doray is setting another incredible of his in play. Premiered in Tiësto’s Club Life show, the France-bred DJ and producer screens a take on the up-and-coming soul singer from London, Tawiah. The downtempo instrumentals of the original is replaced with the club rhythms of the Doray revision, gracefully added onto the silky vocals of Tawiah. Coming off a remix on David Guetta’s Little Bad Girl and the highly underrated remix of One Look, the Frenchman is commended to shed light on Tawiah’s spiritual voice with his stupendous ability of producing crowd-pleasers and catching the attention from some of the industry’s grandest icons. Like the original, the club cut by the A-listed Frenchman is founded upon a setting of soulful vibes to flip into crisp and heavenly chords that have been proven capable of scooping support from the likes of everything from the doubtfullest of House fans to the utter top-tier. It’s due out November 16th on One More Tune Records, have a listen!


20 Comments to “Preview: Norman Doray vs. Tawiah – Breakaway [One More Tune]”

  • what a huge banger


  • vocalsen är ju gudomliga. ruskigt bra låt!

  • underbara vocals!

  • jävlar vilken bra låt!

  • i find it the best song off 2011

  • I Love this song,but i can’t find it on beatport :(

  • Timo: The release is delayed to November 9th.

  • oh noooo :(

  • Bra låt! Skönt med något som inte låter som en mashup av Alesso och Avicii, vilket alla bajsnödiga producenter verkar vilja låta som. Inget fel på de två, men ALLA behöver ju inte låta likadant.

  • can you find breakaway on beatport ? :/

  • Timo: ‘Breakaway’ is not to be found on Beatport (in any territory) nor on iTunes or Amazon. Waiting for an answer from the label.

  • thank you anton
    if you have more information,please post it :)
    thanks a lot

  • Will keep you posted. In case there is another delay, I’ll announce it via our Twitter.

  • Hope there’s not another delay.. been waiting for this so long.

  • Wtf is going on with this track? for christs sake..

  • Norman Doray and the ‘Label-Problem’…he promised that the track will delaying no more. i hope its aout TODAY!!

  • average track imo

  • Calm down everyone.. It’s up on Beatport but not viewable to the public. Should been available shortly.

  • these are very good news :)

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