Out of eastern USA and the corners of Maryland comes George F. Zimmer with his three final singles aboard. The record label that was founded in 2007 by none other than the hugely talented and inspiring Christian Hirt has made it their quest to unearth and bring out the very best of harmonically progressive house. Having become an esteemed release platform as an upshot to the aforementioned fact, Unreleased Digital unveils a new package of well-crafted tracks within the vastly underestimated scene. Well-known for bringing out Dinka’s infamous Violet EP, Daniel Portman and Stanley Ross’ Khaweri and a stunning remix from Inpetto over the past nine months, Hirt picks up an all-new EP from the US producer that consists of Silence (starring the voice of Romina Andrews), One Last Dance and Sacrifice. Out now and set to shed euphoria across the globe, the One Last Dance EP is sure to become an essential asset to everything progressive and truly shows how to finish off in glamour.

George F Zimmer – One Last Dance EP [Unreleased Digital] – Beatport Link

00:00 – Silence feat. Romina Andrews
03:30 – One Last Dance
05:40 – Sacrifice


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