Besides getting a greasy treatment from Tommy Trash, Moby’s After single is also remixed by the sensational Size Records talent that is Tim Mason. Much alike the Greek legend of Midas, whose ability was to turn everything he touched into gold, the Brighton phenomena grabs ahold of the artistic original to reinforce it with dazzling instance’s of his trenchant characteristics. Unearthed by Steve Angello to debut the enormous The Moment, and with Anima set for a follow-up release on Size, the ascension of Tim Mason has gone full throttle this year. His name has recurringly appeared in coherence with some of modern-day dance music’s very top layer and rightfully so – after prosperously remixing I Can’t Help Myself, Solid Ground, Where Them Girls At and Open Your Eyes into impeccable anthems.

And as his take on the almighty Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers is due out soon on Warner’s One More Tune division, his sweeping, trance-influenced leads are back to make up this immense making. Moderately borrowing elements from the original of a true legend, his astounding deftness come to flaunt thoroughly yet again as he presents us another striking offering, as premiered by Thomas Gold on Club FG Radio last night. It’s due out on October 17th via Little Idiot, have a listen!


8 Comments to “Preview: Moby – After (Tim Mason Remix) [Little Idiot]”

  • F1!! Tim Mason är otroligt duktig!

  • WOOOOOOOOW. TIM is getting serious

  • ultra phat!

  • Han är så jävla bra!

  • released on monday, really?? Can’t wait… Do you have some info for release date of ”anima” and the ”othersie” remix?

  • No date for neither of them yet.

  • okai :/

  • Såå jävla feet!!!

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