We’re all strongly familiar with the tremendous Swedish House Mafia remix on Coldplay’s essential 2011 contender, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, that was unveiled a few months back. As the pop-rock foursome from London just released the new Paradise single in anticipation for the release of Coldplay’s fifth studio album on October 24th, we can hereby shed light on the next club-adapted take on the highly-celebrated group. Courtesy of the floating of a certain live-recorded video from Fedde Le Grand himself test-driving the new remix at Space, Ibiza a while back, the chord progression of the well-renowned Dutchman’s interpretition left us eager in the wait for the uptempo remix on Coldplay as the Swede’s offering is yet to be released. Fedde, that is mainly recognized for being a firm headliner of countless festival’s this year and the label head of one of the more successful release platform’s of 2011 – Flamingo, is the one responsible for some of 2011’s most peerless single anthem’s – AutosaveRunningMetrum and So Much Love included. Also having the Freaky collaboration with Nicky Romero coming up and a couple of extraordinary remixes of Never Will Be Mine and Soundtracks and Comebacks behind him, the Utrecht-bred DJ and producer returns to remix one of this century’s most prestigious quartet, bringing out the sounds of electronic dance music to the global music scene again.

It certainly does seem Coldplay, or atleast their management, have a thing for the fist-pumping chords of ”house” and club music as not only are they bringing aboard both Swedish House Mafia and Fedde Le Grand to headline their unprecedented original’s into the history books, but also have announced the one and only Tiësto has laid his hands on his own package of remix stems for an official take. Nevertheless, the Fedde Le Grand remix has now touched ground, not headlined by the regular characteristics of the Hollander, but has a more progressive touch to it. Building up with his signature array of solid, leviathan beats, the new release off Toolroom Records tapers off for the unfolding of sweeping synths, cut-off effects and throbbing kicks to embrace the unprecedented vocals slickly.

Coldplay – Paradise (Fedde Le Grand Remix) [Toolroom Records] – Beatport Link


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  • SJUUUK! diggar denna helt klart mer än SHM’s remix

  • Absolutely smashing!

  • Massive

  • riktigt bra jobbat


  • @Prosiit.. Ja för SHM har gjort en remix på paradise… Facepalm

  • första breaket är så sjuuukt

  • the QUESTION is when fedde le grand is gonna release his own stuff on his own label (FLAMINGO) instead of releasing it on TOOLROOM just to get in to top 100 charts!

  • Ianborg remix is a lot better IMHO

  • This is epicness, so much better than all these dubstep mixes that popping up from every corner nowadays.

  • Bloody Marvelous

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