Having caught the attention of all major players in electronic dance music with his A-listed Lick The Rainbow record in April, Plasmapool’s most intriguing hitman strikes again by taking on the Grammy nominated Morgan Page’s latest single offering – In The Air, also starring Sultan, Ned Shepard, BT and an astounding vocal from Angela McCluskey. Whilst preserving the peerless harmony making up the original, Mord Fustang also adds his flawlessly experimental contrast of elements from dubstep, French house and progressive for the third remix on In The Air, following the ones from Hardwell and Hard Rock Sofa. With an unstoppable soar of the Estonian’s prestigious reputation, Fustang comes off his most recent single release, Magic Trooper, to throw around samples of the bone-thrilling vocal from McCluskey in his upcoming debut on Nettwerk Music on October 26th, have a listen!


5 Comments to “Preview: Morgan Page – In The Air (Mord Fustang Remix) [Nettwerk]”

  • Diggar denna snubbe som fan!

  • han är kung!

  • Sjukt att han inte är större än!

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