Taken from Nero’s recent debut album, ”Welcome Reality”, the dubstep original of Me and You is outrightly remixed by the label honcho of Size Records and one third of the highly-prosperous Swedish House Mafia outfit – Steve Angello. Having submitted a pledge to offer his fans a minimum of one offering a month, the now Los Angeles residing DJ and producer previews his first solo remix since last year’s take on Magnetic Man’s Stronger, taking on another dubstep production outfit from the United Kingdom. Evoking the sound that fortified Angello prior the era of Swedish House Mafia to make up this rigorous installment on Cherrytree Records seems to have been an ingenious move as it unfolds into a banging floor filler unlike others. Flipping from a two and a half minute anagogical and euphoric breakdown into a stodgy electro lead and infectious baselines, it’s with nothing but anticipation another solo production from Steve Angello emerges, coming on the heels of his edits on Kendo and The Moment.


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  • i like

  • the preview is the full song IDIOT!

  • Dueño de Microsoft: You should use a dictionary to see what ”preview” really means. A metaphor: a preview screening of a movie is not showing only parts of the movie but the full thing..

  • @Dueño de Microsoft::
    1. owned…
    2. don’t be such an asshole and just enjoy the blog, or just go do something else…

    great blog and nice to see something new by steve! great track!

  • great work Anton keep it up!! stupid hater, i think the people behind BMD knows a thing or two about what they are posting…

  • Nero are officially a duo. Alana is Dan’s girlfriend who sometimes provides vocals but she’s not an official member of the band.

  • Yeah, this is the first website I visit everyday. Great website, Anton.

    IDK, this track seems average to me.

  • that sucked so hard, and im a Steve fan! WTF?!

  • I’m a big fan of Steve, but shit this track really sucked major balls …

  • I suggest you listen to some old stuff from Steve, he’s returning to his roots with his new productions.

  • Kul grej bara, upliftern han använder på 1.11och i slutet av låten är densamma som Avicii använder i My Feelings For You.

  • it doesnt sound like steve:S!! sounds lika a fucking trance track wtf?!?!?!?

  • tycker den är fet, lite samma sound som ingrossos gamla mix på rock the choice

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