Since the release of Unleash The Fucking Dada in October of 2010, this Swedish duo stood out as a primal asset to the more experimental department of electronic dance music. Having created an image like no other, Dada Life is about to release the vocal version of their third single contender of 2011, following the debut release of their new So Much Dada label being the original, White Noise / Red Meat on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak and Fight Club Is Closed (It’s Time For Rock N Roll) on Spinnin. Although the DJ and production outfit of two has been in the industry for quite some time now, it was not until recently their reputation has scampered away into the sky. The crazy and utmostly innovative electro heads of Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom are yet again merging their twisted baseline and electro sounds with a simple and dainty but punchy piano lead for Happy Violence, now graced with a cacophonic sounding vocal. Coming off their remix of Encoded in April, the take on Little Bad Girl and having a remix on Prutataaa coming up, the vocal version of their last single output is set to release October 31st, have a listen!


10 Comments to “Preview: Dada Life – Happy Violence (Vocal Mix)”

  • cool vocal, nervo singing??

  • It’s not really a big difference from the original imo.

  • @ Martin Lindqvist

    What did you expect? It’s says clearly ”Vocal Mix”, which basically means that they just added vocals to the song. It’s not a remix.

  • Hahaha Martin <3

  • @ Skrillex

    Hahaha +1

  • Horrible vocals. Someone has to be executed for this

  • @ Skrillex

    Well, my point is that the vocals are so discreet, which made this look like a repost of the Original Mix. It made me disappointed.

  • You forgot to post the release :)

  • Sorry :/ I support you !
    Looking forward to alesso and a lot of track on size record, album an21 & max vangeli, tim mason, third party…

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