Following the stupendous success that has been brought upon Alesso from the emittance of his Nillionaire / Dynamite EP in March of this year, it does certainly seem our essential export out from Sweden capital is in it for the long run as a second solo release on Refune Records is currently in the works. As the aforementioned two-track package, merely half a year later, is still a distinct piece in live sets and radio shows, the ascension of Alesso has indeed been an honourable break-through to witness thrive over the past couple of months. Pulling out the exceling take on Pressure, the bone-thrilling and utmostly discerning remix on Save The World and the throbbing cut on LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem whilst still riding the remnants of his Refune EP, the projection of his burst into clubland has recurringly been proven correct over the past month. Teaming up with one of the Swedish mobsters, Sebastian Ingrosso, for the Pete Tong-championed Calling collaboration, the two of Italian heritage have come to create what appears to be of one of 2011’s grandest hit singles. And if not, the incredible remix of DEVolution and Amy Pearson’s Good Love may very well be the rightful contestant for this graceful distinction.

Together with the talkative acappella of Daft Punk’s Technologic, the next single out from Alesso is already played by the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Tiësto, Avicii and Dirty South. Also featured in the Swedish House Mafia take-over on BBC Radio 1, the single making, entitled Raise Your Head, that is rendered by a rugged core lead in conjuction with vigorous baselines and cacophonic sounding break-down chords is showcasing a powerful structure that sure knows how to demolish and evoke a mayhem on any dancefloor. It’s due out soon and from the looks of previous proceedings, I believe we can expect a companion to be joining the release that is coming on November 16th via the record label of Sebastian Ingrosso – Refune.

Official preview

Axwell playing the track at Where’s The Party? by Carlsberg in Gothenburg, Sweden, followed by ‘David Guetta – Little Bad Girl’


20 Comments to “Preview: Alesso – Raise Your Head [Refune]”

  • Riktigt fet!

    Dahlbäcks nya preview är också riktigt tung!

  • jag gillar att alesso kör med lite olika stilar. denna var rätt ball asså!

  • ”It’s due out soon and from the looks of it, I believe we can expect a companion to be joining the release”

    what is ment with this? Don’t fully understand

  • Nej

  • Ruben: That a second single will hopefully be joining this one for its final release, making it another two-track EP release.

  • alesso does it again! great track!

  • So glad he doesnt fall into the usual trap catching produces nowadays, being most people tend to go on and on with the same sound instead of trying new things. Didn’t like this one at first, but then again, I didn’t like the other EP at first either which I’m now loving!!

  • The other single will probably be his track with otto knows, diz diz

  • FAN VAD DEN ÄR BRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Jag hoppas innerligt att RYH och ID släpps tillsammans på refune

  • riktigt bra!!

  • sten bra

  • samma synths som i calling?

  • bra uppbyggnad men droppet e fan tråkigt o alldeles för enformigt. Kan folk vara lite kritiska ibland till alla svenska producenter istället för att hylla oavbrutet

  • gillar den skarpt! framförallt imponerar alesso med sina olika stilar i sina låtar.
    grymt som fan alesso!!

  • Bra att han skippar tape-stop, och ändå framhävs hans typiska sound väl.

  • Som Henning här säger, va inte rädda för att kritisera. Personligen tycker jag denna känns lite tråkig och enformig, som att någonting saknas.. Visst på klubben låten den 10ggr bättre men den faller inte riktigt mig för smaken.

  • folk är ju uppenbarligen inte rädda för att kritisera?

  • Sebnasty: man behöver inte tvinga fram kritik, låt det komma av sig självt. tycker det är rätt mycket kritik på denna sidan ändå, inte direkt så att någon inte vågar säga vad dom vill här eller på internet överhuvudtaget.

  • Basslinen är något av det fetare jag hört. stör mig dock på att leadsen i nästan alla big room houseproduktioner idag är av holländsk karaktär. det blir för ravigt för min smak. men jag antar att kidsen gillar det =)

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