The relentless energy of Dutch house’s leading figure of the new wave of DJ’s currently emerging continues to flaunt as he ups the ante for a remix on Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso’s ‘Calling‘. Being a producer behind such ravishing club bangers as ‘Prutataaa’, ‘Sending My Love‘ and a row of remix cuts out of ‘Without You‘ and ‘Maximal Crazy’ to name a few, R3hab has indisputably become a man worthy of being deemed as a pioneer of Holland’s club music scene. The forte of R3hab being his cacophonic sounding chords, thick underlayers and monstrous sounds, the essential aspirant of the next generation of Dutch house lays his hands on one of 2011’s most renowned singles – ‘Calling’.

Despite the fact that the original’s progression is a rather hard one to remix, the producer from Holland’s holy Grail of successful DJ’s – Breda – teams up with Swanky Tunes, the Russian trio primarily known by ‘Their Law’, ‘Together’, ‘Phantom’ and the ‘Smolengrad / United EP‘, yet again to give the arguably hottest record off Refune Records to date a significantly heavier remodel.

The R3hab & Swanky Tunes remix of ‘Calling’ will be released on May 27.

Update: Official preview added


27 Comments to “Preview: Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso – Calling (R3hab & Swanky Tunes Remix)”

  • Damn it’s cool! R3hab is on fire!

  • is that a r3hab remix or a r3hab & swanky tunes ?

  • fucking awfull…a disgrace really

  • Satan vad FET!

  • Helvede vilket tryck

  • amazingggg

  • Har Rh3ab lämnat sina ”dirty dutch”-rötter helt eller? Visst, det finns lite influenser kvar men inte som de i ”The Bottle Song”, vilket är nice för den enda som har göra dirty dutch något värdigt är väl Afrojack. (Inte så stort fan dock)

    Ontopic: Det är lätt att det blir magplask när dessa typer utav låtar remixas (melodiska bomber) men jag tycker att dom gjorde det riktigt bra faktiskt, känns mer som att ‘Calling’-melodin finns i DERAS mix och inte tvärtom som när producenter låter sig underkastas av melodin och låter originalet bära deras remix och inte tvärtom. Nice!

  • Originalet är inte bra och det här är fruktansvärt. Kommer aldrig förstå mig på varför folk gillar Rehab, Hardwell, Chuckie, Afrojack, Swanky Tunes, Hard Rock Sofa osv.

    Detta soundet måste försvinna från scenen snarast. Var är låtarna med känsla?

  • Smutsigt sound och fet som f*n!

  • Måste hålla med Baaaaaaah här… Förstår mig inte heller på vissa av ovanståendes sound.

  • Baaaaaaaah: +1 (gillar dock originalet, men samtliga artister du nämnde är spot on)

  • Har svårt för det här ”mördar-soundet”… dislike!

  • @Baaaaaaaah: Smaken är som baken.

  • Instrumental please… Oh wait, not needed… Original Instrumental Mix will be enough for me !

  • I guess everybody who thinks this is actually good, is from the USA :D

  • not pointing at names here but this type of music is the cancer of house music


  • Every R3hab song is exactly the same, remixes are supposed to be a refreshing new take on the original, not just the original with the R3hab bass loop stuck in where the drop is

  • You Assholes Swanky Tunes have also made this remix not only R3hab, let’s see someone else make a better remix of the original. Thank God this is finally being released this month! :D

  • have to agree with Arnar

  • Oh, i really don’t like it. It destroys the whole harmony of this track!
    And the all-known melody is also not there :(
    I’m disappointed. I excpected way more remixes maybe from artists like Tommy Trash, deadmau5, Nicky Romero or maybe Afrojack…

  • This is shit, per usual for R3hab.

  • usual r3hab, not even a piece of swanky tunes in this really disappointed, they could have done something really good with the original melody but nothing …

  • This kind of music is the deep thing that triggers the crowd and make people go wild, maybe it doesn’t sound to good when you play it on your laptop but that track dropped live, that’s mad!

  • I was always a R3hab hater until I had the pleasure of see him live at EDC NY on Sunday. What a beasTTTTTTT!!!!! Beast Beast Beast. The crowd was jumpiNNg. Afrojack was gay, Quintino was excellent as well in the Jacked Tent.

  • The original Calling cant be remixed , its just too great to top . Good try though .

  • This track has been available on Spotify since a month ^^

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