Simmering hot off his debut as a newly acquired DJ and producer of the Australia based Vicious Recordings, the remix on Ryan Kono’s Someday, Franz Novotny’s eagerly-awaited first single is out. Despite his utterly fresh and little experience of anything electronic dance music and the dance-friendly chords one can achieve from computer software, the Swedish producer has boasted incredible awareness of how to blend sounds in the best possible way meanwhile screening a rendering deftness that is worthy of being compared with the top-tier of producers. Weaving clean and kicking electro beats together with a simple, synth filled lead melody for the set weapon that is Crunch, the keen anticipation for the release of the Kaskade-supported sequel, entitled Big Bang, is yet ascending.

Franz Novotny – Crunch [Vicious Recordings] – Beatport Link


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  • Ja varför inte kopiera tommy trash? Han har ju inte redan dödat det här soundet genom att använda samma drop OM OCH OM IGEN.

  • Denna var visserligen gjord innan Tommy blev allmänt känd.

  • Hur fet som helst!

  • FEET!

  • Stööört bra :D


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