The Dutch record label concern that has made itself renowned through its widespread and high class outlet of Spinnin Records and its many subdivisions. Tracks like Unbelievable, Schizophrenic, the Alesso remix on Pressure and countless others have been spotted dropping out of the Holland-based electronic dance music imprint. An up-and-coming Swede is now joining in on Spinnin headquarters as one of the few foreigners on the label, that is clearly dominated by its native producers. Coming on the heels of Maximum on Whartone in March, Jerry Rekonius showcases a true heavyweight as the sequel release. Out now is Powahbunga with it’s outright and unremittingly pounding interpretation of dirty Dutch.

Jerry Rekonius – Powahbunga [Spinnin Records] – Beatport Link


5 Comments to “Release: Jerry Rekonius – Powahbunga [Spinnin]”

  • Hmmmm not my cup of tea! The backbeat sounded too crazy…

  • Denna är sjukt fet!

  • SWEET! Bra grejer det här!

  • riktigt bra tryck

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