Although it may by now be near to impossible to outshine the tremendous Alesso remix, Pressure gets a solid remix treatment from one of the finest talent clubland currently has to offer – Tim Mason. Making his debut as a DJ and producer of Steve Angello’s Size Records with The Moment in April, the ascension of this young Brighton resident has made some serious impact on progressive-house music lately. Bringing out an extensive bundle of hit remixes on I Can’t Help MyselfSolid GroundWhere Them Girls At, After and Open Your Eyes as well as having one on Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Otherside still in the wait for official release through Warner Music’s dance department, One More Tune, this year, the looming advancement of Mason continues as he makes a go at one of 2011’s most renowned tracks in the view of the aforementioned take from Alesso – Nadia Ali, Alex Kenji and Starkillers‘ Pressure.

Set for release on November 21st via Strictly Rhythm is this new progressive anthem. Basing his sweepy and synth-tinged lead and a momentous array of bass lines on top of the surpassing vocals from Libya’s well-reputed Nadia Ali, Mason sets a new offering on the horizon as his follow-up to ‘The Moment’, entitled Anima, is yet to come.

RIP from Thomas Gold’s latest mix at Club FG Radio


15 Comments to “Preview: Alex Kenji, Starkillers & Nadia Ali – Pressure (Tim Mason Remix)”

  • Alessos remix is impossible to conquer but this is great.

  • If i were a producer I wouldn’t even try to remix a track that has gotten so much positive feedback and exploded on the house scene as Alessos remix of pressure. Alessos remix is tremendous. Defenately one of the top 5 tracks this year so far.

  • i totally agree with jocke and bobsal,
    that’s a good remix but alesso’s remix is just in my opinion the best track of the year.

  • i like it.. but as u guys said its not as good as alessos..
    and i think the kick is missing some power.

  • I think they are both very good in their unique ways. Alesso’s remix is a household record now but big ups to Tim Mason, I think he did a tremendous job on this once again!

  • it’s nice , but a litlte bit to trancy, it misses some power like Majk said

  • Wow! This is HUGE! Love it when it drops. Alesso’s is a bit obvious for me. This flows so nicely. Really amazing

  • I believe the lack of power is more on behalf of the quality of the RIP than the actual remix. I’m sure its powerful structure will show its true form when released in full quality.

  • I actually prefer this to Alesso. It is absolutely brilliant and the most unique from the rest of the remixes. Easy on the ears and ethereal.

  • han f+r ju ta o styra upp sina kickar herr mason.. annars är det musta som vanligt

  • #2: I concur
    Alessos’ remix has become an anthem of 2011 house scene but I still like this remix. Kudos to Tim Mason!

  • Although it may be a RIP I still think it lacks power. If you listen to the beautiful Moby – After (Tim Mason Remix) you also hear that the drop lacks a significant amount of power.

  • Tim Mason is so great on the tunes and melodies but when it comes to kick, its not his thing.

  • I prefer the track anima from tim mason it is way better than this remix, and cant wait for the release of it

  • I feel sorry for tim mason. he makes great remixes but for every track he remixes someone makes a better remix, Alesso – pressure, Third party – Otherside

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