Quite alike his most recent single output, Where My Keys, Joel Zimmerman sheds light on the widespread dynamics of his newly and rather sudden release of the previously unheard and unreleased new edit of Aural Psynapse. Besides the chunky and powerful electro beat he has made himself known for over the past couple of years, a congenial downtempo melody is offered to make up this noteworthy and broad contrast of sounds. Being one of his more emotional works to date, as opposed to his dubstep and greasy electro dominating third artist album called 4×4=12, this new release out from Deadmau5 and his beloved Mau5trap Recordings showcases the Canadian’s ability and desire to diversify the sound in his production whilst still preserving his own genuine signature touch. Joining in alongside HR 8939 Cephei as his second progressive single of 2011, I wouldn’t be surprised if a fourth Deadmau5 album is due out shortly as Professional Griefers is also in the pipeline set for release.

Deadmau5 – Aural Psynapse [Mau5trap Recordings] – iTunes Link


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