Joining in alongside remixes from Gregori Klosman and Nicky Romero, the acclaimed wunderkind from Sweden capital offers a teaser of his version out of David Guetta and Sia Furler’s Titanium single. His iconic and instantly memorable offerings in 2011 have fuelled the perpetual rise of Alessandro Lindblad, professionally known as Alesso, lately into what may very well be one of the leading and most intriguing figures of the next generation of DJ’s. At the mere age of 20 years, the Swede responsible for numerous chart-topping hits and dashing club belters like Nillionaire / Dynamite, Calling with Sebastian Ingrosso and a row of stainless remixes on Save The World, Party Rock Anthem, Pressure and Good Love has dibbled his name firmly with a noteworthy debut at #70 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll this year and tour the world for the recurrent headlining performances in front of tens of thousands fist-pumping club-goers. And not only has his strike on electronic dance music made some serious impact, but his production dexterity has shown no signs of simmering down its credited and utterly creative process of developing new diversifications and sounds for further trendsetting anthems. With the imminent fourth single release on Refune Records, Raise Your Head, currently topping the Buzz Chart after it being played by the likes of all top-tier DJ’s, I’d say we’re yet only at the beginning of the ascension of the rising star that is Alesso as the first sample of his next remix has surfaced.

As premiered by himself at The Venue in Tampa, Florida on Friday, the third and final take on Guetta’s Titanium is out for a taste. Rather reminiscent to his aforementioned feel-good hit with Sebastian Ingrosso, the Midas-like touch of Alesso adds a rapturing synth progression and heart-wrenching powerfulness to the original’s wonderful vocals from Australia’s Sia Furler and the remix-friendly instrumentals for another inimitable landmark from the hands of the young Swede. It’s due to see its release through the Frenchman’s own F*** Me I’m Famous label shortly, have a listen!


33 Comments to “Live Preview: David Guetta feat. Sia – Titanium (Alesso Remix)”

  • bra anton :D

  • sick ass remix, alesso is killing it no doubt!!!

  • Sjukt bra!

  • tampa min hemstad

  • absolut inte alesso standard….

  • Sounds like a pokemon song.
    Great birthday party song for 13 year -olds

  • Riktigt bra! Tror många kommer ändra sig när en högkvalle-preview kommer

  • jag gillar sias röst.. hoppas alesso räddar guettas låt med denna remixen.. svårt att höra om den va bra i detta klippet

  • Sounds a little bit like calling, actually.

  • Lite trött i droppet! men resten riktigt bra

  • inget vidare..

  • Alesso is the best producer in 2011 if you ask me. Such a cool mixture of all his own sounds in this one, going to be a big one this and next year!!

  • Den kommer bli feeeet!

  • wow. just wow…

  • alesso did better things in the past …

  • @johan
    haha funny how you can say ”in the past”. like he’s been doing this for years. c’mon he has been doing this for like less than a year and already getting this much attention. if you don’t like it don’t listen. I have so much respect for how much this young kid has accomplished in such short time.
    go alesso!

  • sounds good. let’s wait for an official preview with better quality.

    By the way: What happened to Alessos Remix on ‘River flows in you’? Somebody got informations?

  • Alex: The Alesso remix on ‘River Flows In You’ is yet to be released.

  • I laugh at people like @manu haha you are criticizing his shit when you wish you could do a fraction of what Alesso can do

  • wow, this was much cheese and not even banging

    Ruben stop namefaking!

  • Shit, this is awesomeee

  • 0:57 känns som en helt annan låt :) väldigt konstigt faktiskt

  • @ kent
    even if it is one month ago it was in the past . Of course I have a lot of respect for alesso ! last year was simply amazing for him !!! his music is great ! the only thing I say is for example the ‘Dev’ remix or ’save the world’ remix were much better than this one (but I mean this is personal) :)

  • @kent

    Alesso has been doing ”this” for over a year, I think he had his first EP released in may 2010. You can see how his sound has changed during this time, even though he haven’t been doing this for so long time. He has been doing more commercial stuff lately in comparison to his older stuff. But, Alesso has been killing it this year, so who can blame him? Although I didn’t like this remix that much…

  • gillar inte riktigt ”calling ljudet” :P men kan inte säga att det alesso gör är mindre grymt

  • Alesso Is the Man! Talking about Young Producers,he is going to be the next succesful youngster! Avicii gotta be careful ! Alesso is coming! Alesso is 100x Better producer than him

  • Calling 2.0 men bryr mig inte ett jävla skit. Fan va bra den är. Detta ÄR Alesso, take it or leave it

  • Alfred: Ingen förutom att det INTE är en Sebastian Ingrosso o Alesso collab.

  • Helvete va bra!

  • Brukar inte gilla guetta men det här är dock han bästa låt…
    Jag säger inte att den här remixen är dålig, men orginalet är sååå mycket vassare!

  • fan brukar alltid gilla alessos grejer men den här var lite förutsägbar

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