A bare year after his single release of Dig.It.All through Revealed Recordings, JoeySuki returns to tag along with the rapidly rising record label, teaming up with head honcho Hardwell himself for this big room piece. Borrowing elements from the uptempo trance for the high-pitched synth lines and a pommeling kick in Munster, the Hollanders have teamed up for nothing short of a full-on set weapon. Following up a successful 10 months, not only for Hardwell and JoeySuki but, for the Revealed label and its well-reputed outlet of Cobra, Encoded, Lump and The World among many others, the release of Munster that is due out November 21st celebrates the recent breach of 100 000 fans on Hardwell’s Facebook fan page as well as his stunning debut at #24 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll this year. Built up reminiscent of the label head’s previous releases – with soothing instrumentals developed into euphoric and powerful synths – the 23rd release of Revealed is nearly upon us, whilst we eagerly await the emittance of Spaceman.


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