The Stockholm talents Chris Melin and Adrian Bood combine forces for an absolute ground-breaker. Deriving from the last few years’ rise of a darker take on progressive house music in conjunction with elements from the electro-house scene, Fest is made up by a rugged lead, softly complemented by light tone and voice squeaks and smooth yet banging baselines. As a strong representative of D.O.N.S and Mikael Weermets’ Kingdom Kome Cuts imprint, another two out of Sweden’s extensive string of aspiring producers come forward to unfold their best record to date. Although its progression may to some occur as dull, its vividness and powerfulness evince otherwise, making this into a throbbing gem worthy a spin at any top-tier DJ show.

Chris Melin & Adrian Bood – Fest [Kingdom Kome Cuts] – Beatport Link


7 Comments to “Release: Chris Melin & Adrian Bood – Fest [Kingdom Kome Cuts]”

  • what’s up with antidote?

  • wow so great :D i love it

  • a: Got word from EMI that they have re-scheduled. The tune will be out in the beginning of next year. Will let you know more as soon as we have a go to reveal more details on this matter. Have also been told the vocal mix is due to make its debut appearance on Pete Tong tonight.

  • Grymt fet! Gjordes förövrigt innan antidote bara jävligt seg release…

  • Oskar: Jag syftade inte på att låten var lik antidote, för det är den inte. :)
    Anton: tack för information, kommer absolut att lyssna på kvällen program.

  • killertune!!

  • Intervju med Sebastian Ingrosso på NRJ kl 22. Vore lite konstigt om dom inte lirade Antidote då också.

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