Like a club and festival-accommodated hybrid, the sought-after fourth single from the Swedish House Mafia comes in a collaboration with the soaring side project from down-under – Knife Party. Consisting of Pendulum’s Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, the pair, that made their debut remixing the aforementioned Swede’s third single outtake as a merged DJ and production outfit, have witnessed the likes of Tiësto, Skrillex and a horde of well-over 60 000 loyal fans support their incredible outlet lately, whereof their electro-house take on Save The World and the forthcoming Internet Friends have arguably originated the largest buzzes. And as they now combine forces with the dominant force that are Swedish House Mafia for the eagerly-awaited Antidote, the ascent of Knife Party is yet to further thrive.

After a persistent rise since Steve Angello, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso initially teamed up as Swedish House Mafia for the release of One early 2010, the three Swede’s team up to unitedly return to deploy the sustained sounds of the now fully unveiled Antidote. They have seen the full-blown reformation of where House music has become a permanent force in clubbing and on radio stations across the globe. But in truth, there was not that much of an outlook as it was playing essential roles as pioneers for the Swede’s who today stand firmly rated as three of the most intriguing acts in electronic dance music with self-evident headliner positions on any top-tier dance event, both jointed and as acclaimed solo artists, hits such as One, Miami 2 Ibiza and Save The World (featuring John Martin) under their belt and a well-reputed interpretation of Coldplay’s Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall set on the horizon. And as the dynamics of their fourth single rendition to date emerge strongly for an expected release in the beginning of 2012, all their accomplishments over the past few years testament any hurdle, no matter what height, can be overrun by the notably progressing trio.

Coming from a distinct array of trance-influenced synths along with brilliant shrieks to promply switch into the popular mixture of an electro-house base embracing elements of the ascending genre of dubstep, the instrumentals’ preponderance in comparison to any staggering club-banger have been a solid and rapturing peak-timer in the trio’s live sets over the past few months. Besides its transcendental instrumentals, the vocals, courtesy of rap made by Swedish-American rapper Adam Baptiste, better known as ADL, had its premiere on BBC Radio 1 last night and is, from the looks of it, rather catchy. Which one do you prefer?

Swedish House Mafia and Knife Party’s ‘Antidote’ single is due to be released on December 16th!

Vocal Mix, as given exclusive spins on the BBC Radio 1 shows of Annie Mac and Pete Tong’s Essential Selection

Instrumental Mix

Axwell is playing the track at Ladan in Båstad, Sweden for Where’s The Party? By Carlsberg


31 Comments to “Preview: Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party – Antidote (Vocal Mix)”

  • The vocal mix is actually pretty cool, but I definitely prefer the instrumental.. Knife Party doing the vocals? Who whould’ve thought eh

  • Gillar faktiskt

  • Anton did you get a copy of the Ingrosso interview from last night on NRJ ?

  • vocals ruined a song that was already ruined at the beggining haha sorry but this song suuucks so much imo ! with or without the vocals !

  • manu: It was not much of an interview as it was a very short phone call from what I heard.

  • Mick says:
    ”vocals ruined a song that was already ruined at the beggining haha sorry but this song suuucks so much imo ! with or without the vocals !”
    You’re 100% right!

  • Bribrian says:
    ”The vocal mix is actually pretty cool, but I definitely prefer the instrumental.. Knife Party doing the vocals? Who whould’ve thought eh”
    Not rly surprising since knife party consists of Gareth mcgrillen and Rob Swire (the singer) from pendulum :)

  • Despite what you say, you will still rave like there was no tomorrow if you hear this one live during a Swedish House Mafia show. Not much of a listen-at-home kind of song but one that only should be experienced in a proper speaker system.

  • intrumentala versionen är ju mkt softare ju

  • hampshizzle: Fake

  • @Hampshizzle

    Alex Torti & Chris Conte – Looking Up…

  • @Michael S, +1 Well said, this is a tune strictly suited for clubs and festivals

  • Skräp

  • basen e ju fet

  • The vocal mix sucks, instrumental is 10000000000% better

  • Bad track, is bad.

  • Instrumental every day of the week.

  • Been waiting for this song for a damn long time now! Massive drop

  • Jag tycker faktiskt vocal versionen är jävligt fet, blev överraskad av hur bra den var. Men jag förmodar att det inte blir snack om release förens deras CD?

  • Their decision to do a vocal version isn’t surprising, I mean that’s what commercialising means. But WHY in the freaking world make such a lame autotuned vocal? Sounds like freaking Taio Cruz or something singing, what the hell? Rob Swire co-produced the song, why couldn’t he provide the song with some of his vocals??

  • Bruce: If you read the text, you’ll see that the one actually ”singing” in this vocal mix IS in fact Rob Swire…

  • Anton, I read the text, and I’m sorry for my slightly confusing text. My point was, that if you listen to any vocal Pendulum track, you’ll hear how Rob Swire REALLY sounds. The autotuned vocal in this song is complete crap, and every random person could’ve done it. I don’t understand why Rob Swire sang in this autotuned crap, and not in his signature voice, which is MUCH better.

  • Worst shit I’ve ever heard, Swedish Commercial Mafia.. their tunes are getting worse :/

  • Putting the vocals aside (they will release an instrumental anyways), Why in earth did they need to add those final strange touches to it, and hereby completely destroying the rhythm they had in the ”Pete Tong” Antidote? The beat pattern of the finished version is demolishing the perfect wobbly electro sound, how can they not here that? I also experience the melodic breakdown parts in the drop as chaotic. I know it can’t be just me, I know others feel the same…But for some reason, most of the people @ Youtube don’t hear it. If there were many comments like mine, I could have only hoped they would release Antidote 0.5/Pete Tong. But now it seems that this weakened version is going to hit the stores. Shame.

  • * hear

  • Anton: Sebastian Ingrosso säger ju i intervjun med NRJ att det är Adam Baptiste som rappar i låten?

  • Leri: Såg precis detta.. Står i en tidigare artikel där att det är Knife Party som rappar.


    ‘Antidote’ will be released on 15th January 2012.

  • This sounds like something would make. Which means it sucks.

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