Although he’s not as acclaimed as his big brother, the techno legend that is Paul Kalkbrenner, Fritz Kalkbrenner has surely proven to be as talented. Unlike his brother, with whom he had his break-through in 2008 and the co-production of the soundtracks for a motion picture called ”Berlin Calling” whereof Sky And Sand has been an absolutely blinding underground anthem to date, Fritz’ outputs tend to have a warmer attribute. Representing the Berlin-based Suol label which is known for delivering emotional and top notch offerings within deep and the underground scene in general, the 30 year old German comes out with a sophisticated and spiritual record named Wes. Built upon soulful trumpet sounds, looming baselines and sweeping synth lines, Wes is the newest hit record out from camp Kalkbrenner.

Fritz Kalkbrenner – Wes [Suol] – Beatport Link


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  • Topp 10 2011! Det här är riktigt bra.

  • I love it how people think the Kalkbrenners would be good non-commercial music.
    In Germany they are like David Guetta!

  • @manu
    and I love it how people think music is only good as long as it’s not enjoyed by more than 10000 people in one country.
    what the hell happened to music fans. it’s ALRIGHT to be popular. It doesn’t say ANYTHING about the quality of the music, it just states that many people can connect to it. You can argue about the musical taste of a typical David Guetta listener but just because the Kalkbrenners enjoy some popularity it doesn’t mean their music is as crappy as Guettas at all or even ”commercial”. Commercial means that it’s not for free..nothing more nothing less. I’d like to see you listening to a track like this NOT knowing that it’s from Fritz – or even better – thinking it’s from one of your favourite artists. I’m almost completely sure that you wouldn’t react the same way. People need to start listening to the music rather than looking at the name of the act and judging accordingly.

    /Rant mode off

  • detta var riktigt fett! Mer sånt här tack!

  • @Henry I never said their music would be bad ? :P
    What I wanted to say is that some hipsters think ”yeah Kalkbrenner- cool now we’re listening to underground music”. Paul is filling stadiums with 15,000 in Germany, he is also well-known because of the movie.

  • This track is gold!

  • Well said Henry, nice tune!

  • @manu

    well then I must have misunderstood you, sorry. I totally agree, I saw Fritz Kalkbrenner live at Beatpatrol Festival this year in the mids of Steve Angello, Tiesto, Martin Solveig, AN21 & Max Vangeli and Afrojack and so on but his set was BEAUTIFUL. The others were epic madness for sure, but these two guys manage to make beautiful music with a 4/4 kick, regardless if they’re not the same genre or not :)

  • David Guetta stink/sucks!!!!

  • An apology is a good way to have the last word.

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