Told to be the official follow-up to 2009’s trenchant Alcoholic, the Swedish superstar DJ Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, returns to Joia Records as Before This Night Is Through (Bad Things) under his Tim Berg moniker is finally set to release, more than a year after its initial premiere during the Avicii show at AF Borgen in Lund on October 7th 2010. Since the releases of Bromance and Tweet It (with Norman Doray and Sebastien Drums) ventured the digital market through PinkStar and Steve Angello’s Size Records in mid 2010, the progression of Tim Berg has more or less been put aside for the 22 year old Stockholmer to pursue his successful advancement under the Avicii alias lately. Chart-topping hits such as Fade Into Darkness, Sunshine, Levels, Sweet Dreams and Blessed are barely a few of the astounding efforts, along with achievements like launching his own record label, starting a new podcast, going victorious in a trial against the world renowned Leona Lewis and her limitless resources and playing countless prestigious dance event throughout the year, a legendary show at Studio 54 in New York included, pioneering his impressive ascent in 2011.

Following the uncovering of his new single with vocals from Eric Turner, Dancing In My Head, the next in line for release from camp Avicii is the headliner of Joia Records’ accumulation for their 10 year anniversary, the distinct piece known by its signature ”I Wanna Do Bad Things With You” chant. Going from a symphonic break-down, also incorporating powerful string instruments, to utmostly meaty beats and a simple yet fist-pumping chord array, this killer cut is at last about to see its final release on December 5th.


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  • finally!

  • Finally, a non-commerce Avicii release.

    Been lovin’ this track since Avicii’s essential mix at Tong last year.

  • About fricking time… ”tung” track as we say in Sweden

  • vilken kung killen e :) ser fram emot nästa tim berg låt!

  • Äntligen! Har inte gillat Aviciis senaste releases, men denna är så sjuk tung. Antagligen för att den är inte mainstream, vilket kommer leda till att den förmodligen inte kommer bli lika populär.

    Riktigt skön låt iallafall!

  • hahaha inte mainstream?

  • Btw.. who’s the girl in the background? possibly an Avicii-ess! :D

  • im with nicky

  • Back to the old times. Bam!

  • @ Nicky:
    Allt är relativt, jämfört med hans tidigare piano/bromance dyngorna

  • gillar starkt att han gör något mindre mainstream, tycker dock inte att låten är speciellt bra..

  • Fan vad folk slänger sig med utrycket mainstream?

    Inom house kan detta absolut anses som mainstream, lika mainstream som Deniz Kuyo, Mikael Weermets och Axwell är.

    Men vid alla andra tillfällen är detta INTE mainstream.

  • Vadå preview? denna låten har funnits uppe som en release på youtue sen långt tillbaka ju!

  • Atrin: Låten har inte släppts.. Versionen som finns på YouTube är en rip och som texten mycket väl beskriver var det över ett år sedan denna först avslöjades genom en premiärspelning i Lund. Gjorde denna post då det äntligen kommit ett release datum.

  • haha 100 år senare släpper han den….

  • Hammerhart.

  • damn i wish beatmyday had a translator built in lol

  • @casabey true that

    Awesome! As mentioned before, one of his non-commercial tracks.

  • Fortfarande inget släpp på beatport… :(

  • I’ve heard this track somewhere else. I don’t remember where, but it wasn’t Avicii’s track. I guess it was one of those electro house tracks from 2008.
    So actually this isn’t nothing new:( Now house music is about taking old samples and overwriting them. No more originality :( Sad.

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