Although his year so far has been utmostly fruitful, the dexterous John Dahlback seems to have his aim set for complete domination as he comes out a new single release through Mutants Records. Guilty of years of superiority, initiated with the plant of his 2007 break-through along with the release of Blink, the Swede returns to the roots to produce a tune somewhat similar to his earlier stuff. Tipped with a strident sound and mincing baselines, Grunge is highly disparate from his widespread string of hit productions offered throughout 2011; One Last Ride, Are You Nervous, Overdose, You’re In My Heart and remixes on Big and Invisible to only name a few. Out now, the crusade of the man whom made his debut as a 17 year old proceeds along with his comprehensive and well-reputed knowledge on everything producing.

John Dahlback – Grunge [Mutants Records] – Beatport Link


7 Comments to “Release: John Dahlback – Grunge [Mutants]”

  • För jäkla fet låt! Aggressiv och hård, helt rätt när det görs allt för mesiga låtar från de flesta andra…

  • han lirar i malmö på lördag!

  • Sick build up,tummen up!

  • När fan släpper han ”Song Saved My Life”?

  • Alex: Enda låten på hans 7 previewade låtar som skulle släppas i 2011 som inte släppts än så förmodligen kommer den i December.

  • one of the most underrated djs of the world, if compared with the shit that’s out there on beatport top10

  • うわー、楽しい John Dahlback – Grunge | Beat My Day – It’s all about the house music! のおかげでそれを維持。
    MCM 新作

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