The label that has primarily become a release platform for unique talents brought forth by the discerning liking of label honcho Laidback Luke unearths the unexperienced yet aspiring Swiss producer Avesta to make his second appearance on Mixmash Records, now teamed up with B Valley. Following in the footprints of Avicii, Afrojack and others breaking new ground with the support and involvement of the Dutch veteran, his ability and volition to discover and develop new talents is by all means widely known. And with an extensive row of up-and-comers already forging the advancement of Mixmash Records, Dutchano is to build and thrive on the foundations of fellow head of Mixmash as it comes re-edited on behalf of Laidback Luke himself. From mellow and sparkling synth lines, followed by a systematic array of drums, to a plump and mighty pinnacle drop along the lines of a bass-dominated touch of Dutch house, Dutchano, which makes up piano and Dutch combined, comes on the heels of former Mixmash triumphs such as Ticket To The Sky and Natural Disaster.

Avesta & B Valley – Dutchano (Laidback Luke Edit) [Mixmash Records] – Beatport Link


13 Comments to “Release: Avesta & B Valley – Dutchano (Laidback Luke Edit) [Mixmash]”

  • skämtar han eller?

  • huge drop!! should’ve gone with that after as well instead of going down a few notches into a more smooth thingy

  • sjukt skum låt

  • ENORMOUS DROP, and a nice piano, but that’s is haha

  • jävlar va konstigt upplägg

  • Sounds much like Leave the world behind (Original Mix), but still a great sound. Like it!

  • Simpel men ändå grym!

  • FET! =D

  • den här pianot <3 måste veta vad de använder för nått… kan det vara nå nexus preset?

  • Men va? att lbl ens kör edit på sånt här crap..

  • pianot e dancepiano 2k7 finns i nexus

  • I don’t like that piano but the drop is cool

  • Vet inte riktigt vad jag ska tycka, sjukt konstig men asbra ibland

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