Marco Verkuijlen, better known as just Marco V, erupts with a fresh remix on the newest single from Milan-based Henry John Morgan. Like a dynamic and esteemed treat to the aural hollows, this remix for Italy label Magnificent Records and their latest acquisition, 222, is concoction unlike others. After a systematic yet rather electrifying minute-long intro, a raspy and distorted melody kick proceedings off to pave the way for the high-pitched synths, only to slickly recede for a more intricate beat. Embracing the original’s Prutataaa like shrieks, at which points the progression promptly ceases for a loud and enduring scream to play the part, and a growling, dominant sound to make up its relentless drop, this recent discography procurement for the 45 year old Dutchman reflects upon the capacity we saw him showcase late last Summer in the infinite triumph of the highly-supported Reaver, released as the premiere single on his own TAO label.

Henry John Morgan – 222 (Marco V Remix) [Magnificent Records] – Beatport Link


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  • HUGE!! a few plays then i got hooked

  • Awesome. I hooked on all ready after a few seconds. This is a SUPAAAR remix

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