Unlike previous efforts, the newest remix from Cazzette, the Swedish duo made up by Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer, showcases a more progressive side of things in comparison to their signature fusion of electro-house and dubstep we have come to learn over the past half a year. Following a lurching remix of Sweet Dreams, the recent unveiling of a certain Cazzette bootleg on Levels, the 2011 anthem from Avicii, and with their first single, named Killmode, on the rise, the production proficiency and strictness of the two Swede’s have come to flaunt unremittingly lately. Now taking on Spencer & Hill and Nadia Ali’s somewhat recent release of Believe It, which has been urging for a solid remix to venture the stodgy original, Cazzette show their capability of mastering the sounds of and build-ups of more than one genre. Merging a captivating synth progression and intermittent wobbles, the instrumentals fit spot-on alongside the unprecedented vocals from Libyan singer and songwriter Nadia Ali in the creation of the remix cryptically called ‘Androids Sound Hot’. Also featuring the popular technique of using chopped up vocal parts as an essentialness in the build-up and the end of every other bar of the drop, the Swedish pair instal themselves on Afrojack’s Wall Recordings effective immidiately with this hotly tipped debut.

Spencer & Hill & Nadia Ali – Believe It (Cazzette’s ‘Androids Sound Hot’ Remix) [Wall Recordings] – Beatport Link


5 Comments to “Release: Spencer & Hill & Nadia Ali – Believe It (Cazzette Remix) [Wall]”

  • FET!

  • Very fat. This deserves so much more credit, shame its getting drowned by alot of other great releases.

  • Really good! Byt I’m curious about WHO is the producer? On their Facebook site it says that Ash is the Producer under the information about the “duo”. Please let me know :)

  • Haree: As described in the text above, Cazzette is made up by Swedish Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer. Ash, mainly known for bringing up Avicii, manage them as well.

  • Räknas denna låt som Progressive House? Står det på Beatport, Tycker det låter mer som electro.

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