Following the release of the original as part of David Guetta’s fifth artist album is a bundle of four stunning remixes, each representing a distinguished sound and genre.

The acclaimed wunderkind from Sweden capital offers his version out of David Guetta and Sia Furler’s Titanium single. His iconic and instantly memorable offerings in 2011 have fuelled the perpetual rise of Alessandro Lindblad, professionally known as Alesso, lately into what may very well be one of the leading and most intriguing figures of the next generation of DJ’s. At the mere age of 20 years, the Swede responsible for numerous chart-topping hits and dashing club belters like Nillionaire / DynamiteCalling with Sebastian Ingrosso and a row of stainless remixes on Save The WorldParty Rock AnthemPressure and Good Love has dibbled his name firmly with a noteworthy debut at #70 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll this year and tour the world for the recurrent headlining performances in front of tens of thousands fist-pumping club-goers. And not only has his strike on electronic dance music made some serious impact, but his production dexterity has shown no signs of simmering down its credited and utterly creative process of developing new diversifications and sounds for further trendsetting anthems. With the fourth single release on Refune Records, Raise Your Head, out and getting hammered by the likes of pretty much every major and minor DJ out there, I’d say we’re yet only at the beginning of the ascension of the rising star that is Alesso as a new remix of his is out.

Rather reminiscent of his aforementioned feel-good hit with Sebastian Ingrosso, the Midas-like touch of Alesso adds a rapturing synth progression and heart-wrenching powerfulness to the original’s wonderful vocals from Australia’s Sia Furler and the remix-friendly instrumentals for another inimitable landmark from the hands of the young Swede.

After his vigorous remix on Where Them Girls At, the French shooting-star that is Gregori Klosman is honourably delegated to remix a second single off of David Guetta’s recent double album – ”Nothing But The Beat”. In collaboration with the Australian Sia Furler, better known as just Sia, Titanium has become one of the more successful tunes out of the radio-adapted part of his fifth artist album and is now awaiting a package of remixes to lead the amazing voice of Sia into an essential asset to the world of boites. First up being the Frenchman behind hits like BounceEndless, the remix on Sweet Dreams and the upcoming Kameha this year, Titanium is obviously looking to scoop itself some leviathan club interpretations. Premiered by David Guetta himself at the award party of DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll, Klosman showcases trenchant baselines and a progressive chord progression to unexpectedly be replaced by pithy and roaring electro lead.

Returning to remix duty after the surpassing remix on Lie Down In DarknessArno Cost joins the package of remixes for one of the hottest records off the first disc of David Guetta’s recent fifth artist album, ”Nothing But The Beat”. Being one of the few producers in clubland preserving their integrity dearly, the exceling production skill of one of the essential icons of France’s extensive arsenal of DJ’s is requested to make his interpret on Titanium. Having shown his wide diversifying as the mastermind behind the excellent The Days To ComeLise and a groovy take on Ready 2 Go, Cost fires away his newest rendition. With progressive break-down chords somewhat reminiscent of his aforementioned remix for Moby slickly complementing the captivating vocals from Sia Furler to pave the way for a powerful lead, softly supported by sweeping underlayers and consistent and firm kicks, this fourth and final remix on Titanium rounds the package with widespread fluctuation off gloriously.

And last but surely not least, the man responsible for throbbing remixes on David Guetta’s Where Them Girls At and Without You returns to remix a third album single from Guetta. Representing the stodgy sound that has fuelled the ascent of Nicky Romero since early 2010, the fourth and final remix of the package consists of the Dutchman’s trademark contrast along the lines of sensitive break chords transitting superbly into a monstrous lead and enthralling baselines.

David Guetta feat. Sia – Titanium (Alesso, Gregori Klosman, Arno Cost & Nicky Romero Remixes) [F*** Me I'm Famous] – Beatport Link
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David Guetta feat. Sia – Titanium (Alesso Remix)
David Guetta feat Sia – Titanium (Arno Cost Remix)
David Guetta feat. Sia – Titanium (Gregori Klosman Remix)
David Guetta feat. Sia – Titanium (Nicky Romero Remix)


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  • Arno Cost win.

  • Alesso wins

  • Bra släpp idag!

    Arno Cost FTW!

  • Alessos är klart bäst!

  • Arno Cost Wins. Punkt.

  • Alesso remix is sick!! The best one omg!

  • arno cost def :)

  • bara jag som tycker att Nicky Romero’s är grymt bra? Arno Cost def. också bra. Alessos, helt ok, men njaaa

  • Arno Cost wins easily !

  • Ufff Arno Cost or Alesso… Close one…

  • Känns som att Arno Cost’s och Alessos är de som uppskattas mest. Inte förvånad, dem är bäst! Arno’s är den lite finare och Alessos är den man helst festar till, grymt drop på den!

  • Alesso ftw!

  • alesso alesso alesso alesso!!!! älskar denna kille!

  • Arno cost <3

  • Arno Cost win.

  • Arno Cost definitely!

  • arno cost mixen låter som swedish house mafias mix på every teardrop is a waterfall

  • Definitely Alesso!

  • förstår inte vad alla gillar så mycket med alessos och arnos, ja tycker Klosmans är fetast, utan tvekan!

  • arnos och är fetast men alla remixer är grymt bra, Klosman och romero överraskande bra!

  • Måste lägga min röst också känner jag. Rent kvalitativt när det kommer till produceringen och sedan även känslan så vinner Arno Costs lätt!

  • Innan jag hade hört alla previews så tänkte jag att det skulle bli:

    1. Alesso
    2. Nicky Romero
    3. Arno Cost
    4. Gregori Klosman

    Efter jag hade hört alla:

    1. Arno Cost
    2. Gregori Klosman
    3. Alesso
    4. Nicky Romero

  • Förresten! Det var ett tag sedan ni gjorde någon intervju! Det är alltid kul :)

  • Alfred: Har lagt det på hyllan då vi jobbar på utveckling av sidan. När den utvecklingen är gjord kommer vi dra igång med intervjuer och en massa annat igen.

  • Damn, huge Alesso fan but Arno smacked him around here lol. Nice year from AC.

  • Det här måste ju vara något av de bästa remix-packen man har sett och hört!! Samtliga låtar är grymma!!!

  • true! Alla är extremt bra!!

  • klosman is da best!

  • great remix package! Alesso nr 1 though :)

  • Vadim Arnaud Constentin remix is best, who’s arno cost?

  • Arno Cost just copied Alesso’s style from his other songs

  • Hur kan ni glömma CAZZETTE’s mix som helt klart är den bästa?! Den lades upp på beatport idag med alla de andra!

  • CAZZETTE mix takem all!!!!!

  • @Tony: Are you kidding ? You probably dont know a shit about all Arno Cost’s productions and remixes ! Just check them out and you’ll discover his personal style that has nothing to do with Alesso’s one!

  • alesso får min röst

  • CAZZETTE är massive :O

  • Arno Cost Overall is Better … but I Like Alesso’s drop more.
    The best Track for me would be a Edit of Arno & Alesso Remixes.
    Arno’’s Intro and Build Ups And The Drops By Alesso.It would be Awesome!
    Is There any Person At This Blog That knows how to make a mashup/edit?

  • Så jävla störande att det kommer in någon konstig trudilutt sista sekunden på Arno Cost remixen… Lyssna själva.

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