Five 16 year old Swedes combine forces with Canada-based Aki Nair for a record that saw its primal premiere in the most recent episode of Tiësto’s highly-esteemed Club Life show. Coming back from their first ever release, on Spinnin Records’ Confidence label, Hanell & Rosberg are back as 9Five teaming up with Aki Nair again and now also with the three youngsters of Salty Fever. Going in the footprints of Sweden’s unprecedented DJ and producer export within electronic dance music, Swedish House Mafia, Eric Prydz and Avicii included, our somewhat small country unfolds another five prime examples of the fruitful production, of aspiring prodigies and future icons in clubland, Sweden has proven itself capable of over the past years in the aforementioned three, Alesso, John Dahlback and many others. As we now emerge the coldness of the Winter, the times told to be the most prospering for Scandinavians, For The Boys, which abbreviated makes up F.T.B, is unveiled.

Showcasing a dominant growl made up by a progression consisting of electro-house sounds with a dash of progressive influences, discreetly yet notably supported by light synth lines and a sweeping bass, For The Boys shows indications of quality, class and plumpness – three essential ingredients in a club suitable production nowadays. Also containing a playful interlude to pave the way for a Dutch house-influenced stomp of a drop, For The Boys is undoubtedly a red hot follow-up to Funka.


17 Comments to “Preview: 9Five, Salty Fever & Aki Nair – F.T.B (For The Boys)”

  • Tung låt no doubt! Men tog det verkligen sex personer för att göra denna?

  • Tror att aki nair bara är där för promotion

  • nirr

  • För jävla bra

  • känns lite inspirerat av wiz, eller?

  • 9Five styr!

  • AHhhh diggar låten hårt!!!

  • 6 persons for this tune??
    It should sound better when you think of 1,2,3,4,5,6 persons…
    Good track but it got bad sides.
    Aki Nair is probably as ”tjee” said just here for promotin, as he takes the honor for the whole track, salty fever are left at the end, but they should be in the front.

  • Åh vad bra! Jag vill bara springa av glädje XD

  • Bra skit, 15 år gamla? Epic!

  • Fyfaan vad bra!

  • Har dessa ”salty fever” släppt något annat bra? Lät skit på deras soundcloud… Har de talang? Känns som att hanell & rosberg är de som levererat i denna track?

  • Låten har förövrigt cirkulerat runt på nätet som Angellos nya, blev mäkta impad att dessa unga grabbar proddat detta…

  • Bara för att bemöta påhoppet skulle jag vilja säga att Salty Fever, utan tvekan, har producerat majoriteten av denna låt

  • Stort! Ser fram emot att höra mer från er. Mycket, mycket bra jobb.

  • Haters will be hatin!!

  • bra styrt, tycker dock att funka regerar!

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