Since the inception of the grooves of his debut single in 2008, Michaël Canitrot has firmly grown into a pioneer and household name for anything summerish. What started off with a solid sounds of traditional house music has come to develop into the feel-good vibes of sing-along Summer concoctions. Coming off the release of You And I in mid 2010, followed by this year’s, hands down, amazing Summer contender that is When You Got Love, also featuring the voice of Ron Carroll, the Frenchman comes out with a new, blinding single. Made up by an epitome of sounds strongly influenced by the French house genre, growling baselines, stomping kicks and plump complementary tiers, Blue Collision instantly resembles the colour of blue and consists of systematically structured instrumentals to successfully make up an enchanting climax, which, in conjuction with a soothing and emotional interlude, makes up Canitrot’s fourth appearance under his own Aime Music label.

Michael Canitrot – Blue Collision [Aime Music] – Beatport Link
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