Amongst the countless droves of dance music productions venturing the industry on a daily basis, there are barely only a few distinguishing themselves from the rest. If not for the wide magnitude of the producer and/or vocalist, for those catchy chords in a track which tend to get firmly etched onto your mind and consequently make up a production of hit proportions. The latest single from Germany’s Jan Figge, professionally known as Phunktjan, represents the latter as it’s installed on the label well-known by their ability to discover new aspirants from across Europe, Big & Dirty Recordings. Coming off the highly under-rated release of Awake by Gum Me and De Leon earlier this year, the Netherlands-based sublabel to Be Yourself Music brings in the Cologne-bred producer for him to make his second appearance on Big & Dirty with the fresh Beautiful Life rendition.

From a soothing break-down synth to intensely cease to pave the way for looming drums ahead of a thumping synth progression and complementing beats along with a setting of dark chords to kick in.

‘Beautiful Life’ is out now on Big & Dirty Recordings.

Phunktjan – Beautiful Life [Big & Dirty Records] – Beatport Link


8 Comments to “Release: Phunktjan – Beautiful Life [Big & Dirty]”

  • Good track, but sound almost exactly like Alive by Dirty South

  • Agree, what a joke

  • man this is a COPY of Alive, so cheap

  • Guys, maybe you should clean your ears or stop using drugs ;) This is not the same, not by far.

  • This is to near to alive from Thomas Gold! Nothing New….

  • Immer der gleiche Sch***…Sorry aber das geht mir einfach auf’n ***

  • God this track is so horrible. Not one bit of originality here. The chord cuts are so similar to Thomas Gold & Dirty South’s Alive but have a stutter effect added in. The biggest joke of all is how he completely stops the track (4:19 in) just like they do in Alive and then brings the progression back in. It really pains me that BeatMyDay was a sucker for this track. They have the most credibility in my book but the fact that they talked this track up is downright DUMB. :-(

  • Alive?

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