While the classical Adam K and Soha remix has racked up numerous million plays on YouTube since its release in late 2008, the largest single from Reflekt, the dance music act from England, gets itself a tech-house treatment on behalf of Shrewsbury-bred Sonny Wharton. The 2004 original, mainly known after a feature in the 2005 motion picture ”Its All Gone Pete Tong”, and its melodious trance feel embellished itself with an unremitting vocal from Reflekt’s fellow singer and songwriter, Delline Bass, which consequently caused Need To Feel Loved to rise to a solid number one position in Great Britain.

Supporting the harmonic voice of Bass is now a setting of soulful tech sounds from the man behind the Sensation-championed Showtime EP and the wildly underestimated Rush Hour with the veterans of K-Klass. Subtle vocal chants, smooth tech beats and soothing filter effects all come together to make up the newest production in the pipeline of Sonny Wharton.


3 Comments to “Preview: Reflekt – Need To Feel Loved (Sonny Wharton Remix)”

  • this blog needs more deep/tech/techno house!

  • Ruben: We’ve started to put up quite a lot more ”underground” tracks than earlier (aprox. 1 each day) while still focusing on progressive and electro-house and more is yet to come :)

  • This just makes me realize how epic Adam K & Soha’s remix really is!

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