Sampling Andy Taylor’s ‘87 rock classic, ‘I Might Lie’, which saw an essential club revamp in 2005 by half of Duck Sauce, Armand van Helden, Antoine Clamaran is out with a taste of his latest single. As opposed to his considerably harder outputs, the Paris residing DJ and producer picks up on the newfangled way of borrowing from the funky sounds of 70’s and 80’s disco for a modern rendition. Following the releases of Stick Shift, Somebody Scream, The Tribe and more, Forever, featuring Night Shift, is the sixth and final single offspring off the hands of Clamaran in 2011. Working with a slick filter gradation, that catchy chant from Andy Taylor and progressive and growling bass lines, Forever could easily make you wanna put those colorful bell-bottomed pants back on.

‘Forever’ is set to release on December 7th via Pool E Music.


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