Hailing from Arizona, USA, Tony Mendez, professionally known as the 18 year old up-and-coming nu-disco producer Fuzzy Cuzzin, makes his first appearance on the fairly new Swedish Macarize label with the blinding record that is Canis. From brilliantly pitched tones, an altisonant woman’s voice and subtle yet remarkable, quick chords to soulful and frisky synths in bond with some large kicks, Canis constitutes a perfect musical counterpart to the warmth and feel of a hot Summer day. Coming on the back of the gorgeous axisONE remix of Yuu and Daiquiri’s wildly underestimated Illusion / Lily EP, this beauty of a track is another piece in the strong and rapid advance of Macarize, the label that is behind a whooping 35 releases since its launch in late March of this year.

Fuzzy Cuzzin – Canis [Macarize] – Beatport Link


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