Barely three years after he primarily ventured the digital stores of electronic dance music, this Stockholm-based prodigy in terms of his awareness for the framing of a top notch record. Known by his numerous appearances on Spinnin Records, Dirty South’s Phazing and nowadays featuring as the intriguing protégé of Eric Prydz and his prestigious Pryda Friends label, Jeremy Olander is out with a 46 minute, downloadable mix that unfolds a total of nine unreleased productions from the Swede himself. Ranging from heavily pounding club beats to his rapid signature chord array in its most melodious grace, Olander continues to showcase his dynamics and flexibility as a significant producer of the underground scene. Also, be sure to take an especially close watch on his forthcoming debut on Glenn Morrison’s self-entitled record label in the remix to ‘Mine & Yours’ and the 2012 edit of Olander’s ‘Love Flight‘, which saw its premiere on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection recently.



01. Jeremy Olander – Intro
02. Jeremy Olander – Sthlm Test
03. Jeremy Olander – Layerleaf
04. Jeremy Olander – Castoman
05. Jeremy Olander – Vivrants
06. Jeremy Olander – Betelgeuse
07. Glenn Morrison – Mine & Yours (Jeremy Olander Remix) [Morrison]
08. Jeremy Olander – Milano Test
09. Jeremy Olander – Love Flight (2012 Edit)

/Jesper & Anton

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  • sjukt bra

  • anything by Jeremy Olander in this set?

  • Det bästa jag har hört på länge!

  • All tracks are made by him..

  • this is what i’m talking about ! fantastic mixtape !

  • nooooo!! :( why is it gone? this set was amazing.

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